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There’s a new trainer in town!!  My beautiful wife Susie got word this weekend that she passed her CrossFit Lv. 1 Cert!!!!  She is so smart!  Make sure to congratulate her when you see her!  Now, CrossFit Worthy is one step closer to starting up a kids program!  This program will not only serve as a class for kids to unwind and get some energy out, but will teach them how to move well, teach them at an early age that exercise is fun, teach them how to eat properly, and most importantly, give them the knowledge to make good health decisions in order to lead a healthy and bountiful life!  We are still a ways out from starting this program, but look forward to it sometime in 2013!!

Also, we will have regular classes today, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  But we will be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as Susie and I will be taking a much needed vacation with family.  I will have a list of body weight workouts for you guys at the gym if you would like to have a workout at home!  Heck, even try getting your family involved!!

Lv. 1- Back Squat 3×5 (+5lbs)
            Press 3×5 (+5lbs)
Lv. 2- Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (full Squat) every 30 seconds for 5:30.
            Power Clean + Hang Clean (full squat) + Jerk every 40 seconds for 7:20.
B.W. Volume – Tabata squats
WOD – For Time:
              30 Walking Lunges
              30 Wall Ball
             30 D.U./70 S.U.
             30 burpees
Midline – GHD situps 3×12

2 Comments on “11-19-2012

  1. WooHoo! Hooray for Susie! Awesome job, we knew you did it! Congrats. Also, we commend you both for thinking ahead and taking time off for family this Thanksgiving holiday. It is great that you will give the athletes homework too, so they can keep on top of things if they wish. I’ve been to boxes where there is never a break. You are respecting family, that is so important. Great job, Jeremy and Susie!

  2. Whoop whoop Susie! Way to go. It was so nice to be back at the box yesterday. 🙂

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