If you are a visitor to our site, please take a minute to stop eating your whole wheat bagel/bread/breakfast cereal and learn yourself some dietary information.  If you are one of my athletes then for one you better not be eating that junk anyway, but take the time (it’s a longer read) and become acquainted with a few truths about the goodness of eating fat, and limiting carbohydrate (sugar) intake.

Remember everyone, we are closed this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Please enjoy the time off and make some memories with your families!  Your CrossFit Worthy family will be here when you get back on Monday.

Lv. 1- Power Clean 5×3 (+5lbs)
            Deadlift 3×5 (+10lbs)
Lv. 2- Back Squat, Spend 15 minutes to work up to a 1-3rm
            Bench 1×5@70%, 1×3@80%, 5×2@90%
B.W.Volume- Pull ups [2-3 every 30 seconds for 5:00]
WOD- AMRAP in 10 mins:
            10 Toes to Bar
            10 Ground to Overhead 135/95# or 50% of your C+J
            10 Box jumps
Midline- Hip Ext. 3×10

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