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Double unders….they are a headache for many athletes.  I’m not sure why 8 year old girls can perform them without blinking an eye while I want to cry in a corner just thinking about them.  Like all skills or weaknesses even, they just take practice to get better, and you cannot get better by hiding from your weaknesses.  You must attack them head on.  The following are some videos courtesy of CrossFit HQ and Buddy Lee, all wfs.  Watch, learn, and practice.  Become that 8 year old girl (metaphorically speaking) and never blink an eye at double unders again.

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*Make up a missed workout


*15-20 minutes of quality mobilization:  Foam Roll, calf/achilles/lower leg.

*10-15 minutes of double under/jumprope practice

*Spend remainder of time working on and skill work.  Athletes’ choice.

*Sprinkle in: 4 500m rows @ 1:40/500m-men, 2:00/500m-women.
Keep all rows within+- 3-5 seconds of each other.  If you can beat
the prescribed pace, then do so.


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