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Just so everybody knows, we as a gym and a few of your fellow athletes are making a trek over to CrossFit Glory in Auburn (just East of Midlant) this Sunday for the Great Lakes Bay Region Throwdown!  It starts at 1pm and should last until 5pm or so.  It is no charge to come watch, so if you aren’t doing anything come out and join us, cheer on your fellow classmates and get a feel for the excitement of competition!  Ask me if your interested in more information!!

As the close to this year and the start of a new one approaches, start thinking about what you have accomplished this year, and the goals that you want to crush this next year inside and outside of the gym.  I hope you all have some lofty plans, cause I do.  I have big goals for all of you, for the gym, and for myself.  But they are not, nor do they need to be physical based goals.  One of my goals for myself are to be a better person by holding myself more accountable, I feel this will also spill into my abilities to be a better coach for all of you.  Anyways, my point is guys, make some goals!  And not some fu-fu New Years Resolution type goals.  I mean something with serious meaning, that is really worth achieving.


Lv. 1- Front Squat 5×3 (+5lbs)
            Bench 3×5 (+5lbs)
* On last set of both exercises, go for max reps as long as form allows
Lv. 2- Snatch Balance 5×3 (adding weight each set to a maximum)
            Front Squat  E.M.O.M. for 5 minutes, perform (3) 1 1/4 squats @ 65-70%
WOD- For Time:
             200m Row
             Pull ups
             Push ups
             Air Squats
            200m Row
Midline- GHD sit ups 3×12

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