Only 2 more days until the Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown {GLBRT} competition!!!!! Our athletes have worked very hard for this competition and would appreciate your support! It will be held at CrossFit Glory‘s new facility in Auburn on Sunday! The competition will start at 1pm! Please come and show your support for your fellow CrossFitters or if your interested in competing one day- come see what it will be like 🙂  
Also on Sunday, after we return from the competition, we will be going to dinner at AppleBee’s in Mt. Pleasant to celebrate & support Jeb leaving for the United States Army!  Not sure on the time yet- but I will be updating Facebook, so check there!  Jeb, we will miss you very much! Your such a fun person to be around—never a dull moment!!! You better come back and see us when you get home in May —then you can “crush” your goal bulb 🙂 We will keep you in our thoughts & prayers!  Photo montage of Jeb:

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Level 1:    Power Snatch + Overhead Squat 5×3 (heaviest possible)
Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk 5×3 (heaviest possible)
Level 2:   Power Snatch (work up to heaviest)
AMRAP in 8 min.
4 Db Burpees
8 Renegade Rows
12 Ball Slams
*Bonus: Midline- Weighted side bends 3×12

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