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I would like to take today’s post to congratulate our competitors on a fantastic effort yesterday at the Great Lakes Bay Region Throwdown held at CrossFit Glory.

Connor and Katelyn – What a well rounded team! You guys were top of the pack in every workout, and really showed heart in the end fighting through the final workout.  Keep your heads up, your gonna be killer next time out!

Caleb and Melissa – Way to bust through some wall balls!!  Melissa, way to be a daredevil speed squatter!  And Caleb, where the heck did that 175# Snatch come from!!  Way to go!!

Erik and Lindsey – The tin man would be jealous!!  You guys showed a lot of heart pushing through the pain on the last chipper.  Then smiling and high-fiving immediately after.

Jeb and Erica – I wasn’t sure in the beginning of the chipper and the couplet if you guys would finish in the time cap, but then you got each others’ heads straight and flew thru for some pretty decent times and standings!  Way to keep each other on point and focused!

Matt and Shea – Perseverance.  Determination.  Grit.  Three words that sum up your performances this weekend.  Never giving up.  Fighting till the end. Constantly pushing through.  Best attitude hands down.

And a huge thanks goes out to Harriett, Erich, John, Andrea, and Erica for coming out and supporting your fellow Worthy-ers!!

Here’s a few pics, the rest you can see on the Facebook page.

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SWOD- 15 minutes to work up to a 3-5RM Back Squat
                15 minutes to practice kipping pullups
WOD- 3 Rounds:
             200m row
             10 ring push ups
             10 Jump Touches @ 12<16″ above max reach
            rest :45 seconds
Midline- Tabata Side Planks


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