In case you didn’t hear, Paula made it through surgery safe and sound!  They removed the torn meniscus and said that the rest is good and healthy, so she should have a good and fast recovery!  Can’t wait to see you Paula!!
















SWOD- 1A) Snatch High Pull 5×5 rest :30
                       (Work up to a heavy weight)
               1B) Pendlay Row 5×8-12 rest :45
     (This is a super-set.  Complete 5 hi-pulls, rest :30 seconds, complete 8-12 pendlay rows with same bar, rest :45)
               2) DB reverse fly 5×8-12
WOD- Complete with a running clock to keep track of rest time, but this is NOT for time.
               *Row 500m @ 1:40/500m (male) – 2:00/500m (female)    rest :45
               *A) DB front raise 3×8-10  rest :30
               *B) DB lateral raise 3×8-10  rest :30
               *300 single unders or 60 double unders
               *A) Supine ring rows 3x max rep  rest :45
               *B) Single arm DB rows 3×8-12  rest :45
Midline- GHD sit ups 3×12

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  1. Thanks Guys! I am doing pretty well, still hard to walk with the swelling and fluid build up but I am able to put pressure on it. Thanks for all your support and thoughts through out the weeks. I am so ready to get back! PS Love new colors on the site!

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