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Do you know what the biggest obstacle is when it comes to lifting weights, getting through a tough workout, accomplishing a goal, or summoning the courage to make change in your life?  It’s that little piece of gray matter that sits between your ears known as your brain.  It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  You have to make a conscious effort to make it your friend and push your limits, and to shut it off the second before it starts sending you those bad thoughts that your not good/strong enough, or that you can’t do it.  Show your brain who’s boss!  If you want to lift that barbell and smash your PR, then do it!  Get all jazzed up like Ronnie Coleman and then go do it!  And the best way to get your brain on your side is to make sure to have FUN!  Your here to get fitter, stronger, and healthier in order to enjoy life!  Not to compete in the Olympics.  So when someone is next to you sucking wind or shaking their head before getting under a bar, be their positive thought and give them a slap on the back and a “You got this!”








SWOD- *8 minutes to find a 1-3RM Bench.  Then, every 30 seconds for 5 minutes perform 1 rep of bench with 90-100% of the 1-3Rm you just found.
                *Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes complete 2-3 reps of weighted pull ups
WOD- E.M.O.M. for 8 minutes:
             5 OHS @ 60% of OHS
          *For the remainder of each minute, alternate between an AMRAP of Toes to Bar and Jumprope (D.U.’s count as two reps)
           **Record total number of reps completed of T2B + Jumprope.
Midline- GHD Hip Ext. 3×10 (weighted)

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