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You found it!!! Congrats!! You found where we have moved the daily posts 🙂  I hope it didn’t through you off too much!You will begin to notice a few changes around the gym and on here! Just like the CrossFit way, we are “constantly varied”! Preparing for a fantastic 2013!!!

Quick shout-out: HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY MOM! 

**We have decided, after a lot of deliberation and polling athletes, that we will be open Monday (12/31) for morning classes only: 6am, 7:30, 9, & 10:30 (On-Ramp). We will be open on Tuesday (1/1)  for the afternoon classes only: 3, 4:30, & 6.  ****Please sign-up online since we have limited space for 4 classes each day!****

15 Minutes to work up to a 3-5 rep max DeadLift
For Time:
1000m Row
3 Rounds:
15 Ring Push ups (progression)
15 DeadLifts @ 60%
*10 minute cap
Bonus- Leg raises- 3×5 (in all 3 directions)
**Hamstring Mobility**

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