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Welcome to 2013!!!  So in order to enter this year screaming out of the gate we have two events that we will be entering as a community.  The first is the Winter Classic kickball Tournament on January 26th in Island Park.  Check the following pic for more info, and then come in and make sure to throw your name on the sign up sheet!

kickball tourney

The second event is the annual Polar Bear Plunge!  There will be a sign up and more information in the gym but just make sure to mark in on your calendars, February 16th!  It’s a Saturday!

2013 polar PLUNGE logo

Here’s to kickin’ some butt and takin’ names in 2013!!

SWOD- 15-minutes to work up to a 1-3RM Overhead Squat
WOD- 3 Rounds for time:
             500m row
             :30 max rep Handstand pushups or handstand hold
Midline- Tabata Plank/Superman

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