STRENGTH-     1a.) Halting Dead lift 10-10-10-10
1b.) Broad Jumps 4×5
1c.) Chin ups (weighted) 4×4 
SKILL- E.M.O.M. for 4 minutes:
3 OHS *Heaviest possible, no racks.
WOD- E.M.O.M. for 8 minutes:
5 Power Cleans @ 70-75%
20 Double Unders/60  Single Unders

MIDLINE- Tabata moving side planks!

If you’re new to our site, you may notice that we have weird words and abbreviations. Let me help, when you see #x#, change the ‘X’ to “sets of”. Therefore, Strength 1b reads “4 sets of 5 broad jumps”. Confused by E.M.O.M?–Every Minute On the Minute. WOD—WorkOut of the Day!

Are you ready to see some of our Athletes just “hanging around?” Take a look 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looks like fun doesn’t it!!!

No plans for Saturday yet? Come cheer on your CrossFit Worthy team for the outdoor Kickball tournament at Island Park! The first game starts at 9am! We will not be having our 9am or 12pm classes tomorrow, but will have the 10:30 On Ramp class still!

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