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Do you have those days when you feel great— you rock the workout and just feel awesome? And then those days when you feel like you failed yourself and couldn’t do what is usually easy for you? Do you know what the culprit is??—its DIET! Look at what your fueling your body with, what your eating, and chances are you will find what is making you feel and preform less than desired.

Exercise Bad Diet

Today is an active recovery day. Check out 1-23-2013 post by Jeremy to learn about why your body NEEDS active rest days!!

WOD- Make up Monday or Tuesday’s workout if you missed it. —OR— MOBILIZE and then complete 2×8 100m tempo row, with 4 minutes of rest between sets. Rest  between rows for :50 seconds, :30 seconds of the rest will be holding planks and supermans.

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