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One month down in 2013, eleven more to go!!  Is everyone on track to hitting their goals?  If not, then let’s re-evaluate and get back on track.  I’m on track to hit my goal of a 300# Clean & Jerk, Susie just got her first body weight kipping pull up, many of you have been racking up lift PR’s like nobody’s business, and Caleb got his first muscle-up!  I say it all the time, but it gets me so jacked and excited to see you guys getting better.  Check some pics!!

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STRENGTH- 1A) Deadlift 5×5
                          1B) Ring Rows 3x max rep
SKILLZ- Snatch Balance 5×3
WOD- AMRAP in 10 mins:
             8 Wall Ball
             8 Dips
             8 Burpees
             8 Lunges
MIDLINE- Dead bugs 1×50

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