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STRENGTH-     1a.) Dead lift 3×5
1b.) Broad jump 2-2-2
SKILLZ- 1/2 tabata: hold in the bottom of your squat position.
*Extra points for holding a bar in 1 of the 3 squat position.
WOD-      4 Rounds:
4 Front Squats @ 65-70%
10 Ball Slams
MIDLINE- Tabata side planks
The Benchmark Benefit is TOMORROW! Starts at noon! We will be doing DIANE, FRAN, & ELIZABETH! All 3 benchmarks we will have an RX’d heat and scaled heat (as many heats as needed to get through everyone)! Come join us and have some fun! Great time to come in, talk with current CrossFitters and see how flippin’ AWESOME these people are! Next Level Fitness of Bay City & Q2 Fitness of Midland will be participating too! 🙂

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