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February is almost over—HOLY CRAP!!! I’m not ready, although, I am ready to be able to run outside instead of rowing, burpees, or jumping rope! 
We have just received a shipment of our SFH Recovery Protein, in Vanilla and Chocolate! If you have any questions about if you should be taking it or what its all about, ask Jeremy! He is very knowledgeable about…..well everything!!! 
If you haven’t heard yet, we have changed the date that the next On-Ramp beginner class starts. It was originally going to start March 4th, but due to CMU’s spring break we will be bumping the start date back a week to MARCH 11th! The 2 schedule choices are the same: M/W/F at 7:30pm or T/TH/SA at 10:30am! That schedule is only for the first month, 12 classes. After graduation of On-Ramp your able to come to any of the class times 🙂
***Please remember to SIGN-UP ONLINE BEFORE YOU COME*** If you do NOT sign up, the whole class will pay for it!!! (and that’s a promise!!)
Have you read the ultra-amazing post on 2-20-13? It’s fantastic, take an extra moment to read 🙂


Make up a missed workout from either Monday or Tuesday of this week
Extra mobility if needed
Tempo Row: 2×6 100m row, 50 second rest with 30 seconds of abs between rows. Rest 4 minutes between sets. 
Midline- Half moons 3×12

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