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muscle soreness funnyHave you ever felt so sore that you don’t want to move at all? Maybe even just stay in the ice bath? We have a better idea: come a few minutes early to class and do some extra mobilization 🙂 Don’t come on-time and expect your classmates to wait around while you work all the kinks out!

STRENGTH-  E.M.O.M for 8 minutes:
5 Dead lifts at 75-80% of 3-5RM
OLY-       Snatch Balance 
5 second hold in bottom 5×1
WOD-   AMRAP in 8 min:
5 Strict Pull ups
5 Press (strict) @ 65-70%
15 D.U./ 45 S.U.
MIDLINE-  GHD Sit ups 3×10

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