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We will be closed Saturday 3/30 to celebrate the Easter weekend!


CONGRATS to Katelyn Beno who now has her CrossFit Level 1 Certification!!!! We are all so very proud of you! Cannot wait to see where your determination and your passions take you in life!

It is a beautiful day and we have the garage door open! Ahhh! We love this feeling!  Spring is close and that means running, sprinting, prowlers and sleds!!  Get excited!!

Strength- Front Rack Reverse Lunge 3×8/side
                   Banded side step 6 passes
WOD-  21-15-9-3 for time of:
              Plate GTO, 45/25 – ground to overhead anyhow with a bumper plate. 
              5 Burpees between rounds.
Midline- Weighted Abmat Situps 1×50

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