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So now that we are about half-way through the Paleo/Eating for Performance challenge, and I have taken the time to read through many of your log books, I have a few things that I want to tell everyone.  EAT MORE!  EAT MORE and for some of you eat more carbs.  By this point you should know who you are because I have told you.  Pretty much EVERYONE needs to be eating more.  I know its hard to put away so much food, and also seems counterintuitive.  But by consuming nutrient dense food your body will tell you it is satiated, even though it still needs more energy.  Try eating some more food this week than you have been.  See how your performances do, and make note of how you physically feel.  Make sure that you are all eating fat too.  Canned coconut milk is a relatively cheap, but very nutrient and calorie dense good tasting fat.  Only some of you should be low-carb, those that are looking to shed some body fat.  And even then, you should still be consuming around 100-150g of Carbs a day, and that is low-balling.

Thought this was funny…..








Strength- Weighted Pull ups 5-5-3-3-1-1+
                    2-3 sets of negatives
WOD- 5 Rounds:
             50 DU/150 SU
             5 Push ups
            5 OHS @ 115/75#
Midline- GHD sit ups 3×12

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