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We’ve got new graduates! Welcome Jimmy, Shanna, Jon, Stephanie, Jamie, Sherri, Shannon, Max, Alex & Ryan to our regular classes! They have learned the form, are consistent with it, and have ramped up the intensity of their training! 100_2464 100_2468 100_2471 100_2473 Today is the first day of the new programming cycle, and in this cycle, we will be getting STRONGER! This sums it up: 04.03.2013

Max-Effort Lower:
1.) Max Effort Lift- 15 minutes to work up to a 5RM Box Squat (box should be 1″ below parallel)
2.) Assistant Movement- Front Squat 3×10, weight stays same across
3.) Posterior Chain Development- Romanian Dead Lift 3×12, across
4.) Triplet-        3-4 Rounds:
15 weighted AbMat sit ups
12 Strict toes 2 bar
9 Second L-sit hold
5.) Recovery-  Split practice 8 minutes (4min per side)
Recovery row 7 minutes (easy row, no monitor)

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