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Max-Effort Lift: 15:00 to work up to a 5RM Unstable Bench Press
Assistant Movement: HSPU (kipping allowed)
                    1x Max Reps (not to failure)
                    1x Max Reps to failure
Pulling Superset: a.) Strict Bent over barbell row 3x8
                  b.) Band pull aparts 3x10-12
Upper body couplet: 6 Rounds:
                    1 15' Legless Rope Climb
                    12 Hand release push ups
Prehab:  Bullet proof shoulders:
          Side Plank Retractions 1x20 each side
          Modified push up hold 3x15seconds each side
          Scap push ups 1x15
          T's 4x5+5second overload
          W's 4x5+5second overload
          Cuff Isolation 1x15-30

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