WATCH THIS VIDEO!(notice the explosion coming out of the bottom!)

Explosive: Bounding Broad Jumps
           8x2 for total max distance 
Clean & Jerk, and Snatch: from box, above knee:
                          Snatch 9x1 OTM (on the minute) @ 70%
                          C&J 9x1 OTM @ 70% 
Metcon:  AMRAP in 10:00:
         8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges 4/side, 155/105# or 40% of FS
           (from the ground, no racks, back leg kisses the ground)
         16 Dead Lifts 155/105#
         24 Leg Lifts (lay on back with legs extended 1"off ground, lift legs)
         32 Double Unders / 96 Single Unders

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