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This week starts finals week or our college athletes, and subsequently will end with their departure for the summer.  I'm not sure who all is leaving and who will be staying with us through the summer, but either way, you all are in much need of a break.  So I hope you enjoy it!  Remember it's not goodbye, it's only see you later!


Max-Effort Lift: 15:00: Box Squat, work up to a 5RM

Assistant Movement:  Front Squats 4x6, across

Posterior Chain Development:  Good Mornings 3x8

Couplet/Triplet:  5 RFT:
                  8 Deadlift @ 225/155 or 50%
                  12 T2B
                  200m Run

Recovery/Mobility: Couch Stretch 2:00 per side
                   Posterior Chain Floss 2:00 per side

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