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Our very own JEB WAITE has returned from basic training for the Army!!! He comes back to us today only for a short week! We are so overwhelmingly proud of you Jeb! You got your wish, to return in May as a Soldier! He's not only returning as a Soldier, but has received many honors and will continue on in the Army Special Forces unit! 100_2623Explosive: DB Weighted Box Jumps 8x2
Clean & Jerk, Snatch: From box above knee:
                      Snatch 8x1 OTM at 75%
                      Clean & Jerk 8x1 OTM at 75%
Unilateral Lower Body:  Barbell Step ups (knee high) 3x10
Midline & Couplet:  5 RFT:
                    50 Heavy forward sled push (high handles)
                    15 GHD sit ups
                    (rest 2 minutes between rounds)

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  1. OK I’m super excited about the weighted box jumps, soo I’m hoping that it puts me in a good mood for the oly stuff. Fingers crossed. If not I guess the couplet and the end might help?…we will see.

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