05.08.2013 [wednesday]

Max-Effort Lift:  20:00 Bench
                  warm up- 10@bar, 8-10@35%, 5-10@55%
                  work- 5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%
                  back off set- 10@50-60%
                  *base %'s off latest/heaviest achieved
Assistant Movement:  3 Rounds:
                     15+ UB Push Ups
                     15+ UB Pull ups
                     *only rest at the end of each round, NOT between movements. (UB=unbroken)
Upper Body Triplet:  3 Rounds:
                     20 HR Push ups
                     20 Bent over row
                     30 DU/60 SU
Prehab:  Bullet Proof Shoulders:
         Side Plank Retractions 1x20/side
         Mod. Push up hold 3x15sec/side
         Scap Push ups 1x15
         T's 4x5+5sec overload
         W's 4x5+5sec overload

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