5.18.2013 [saturday]

Hey guys!  Just a reminder that Jon Straus will be here doing a self-defense class today at 3pm!  We still have 4 spots available.  If you would like to join in on the fun, just bring your bad self in your regular training clothes and $10 bucks and come have some fun!

Repetition Push/Pull:  3 Rounds:
                       Max rep Muscle Ups in 2:00 (strict or kipping)
                       Rest 1:00
                       Max rep Push Jerk in 2:00
                       Rest 1:00
S.O.G.O.:  4 Rounds:
           10 weighted chin ups
           15 Banded tricep push downs
           Max rep banded tricep pull over
Pre-hab: Bullet Proof Shoulders:
         Side Plank Retractoins 1x20/side
         Mod. Push up hold 3x15sec/side
         Scap push ups 1x15
         T's 4x5+5sec overload
         W's 4x5+5sec overload
         Cuff Isolation 1x15-30

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