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05.24.2013 [friday]

Explosive:  Box Jumps
            10:00 to find a 1RM max height
Clean & Jerk, and Snatch:  From the floor:
                           Snatch 6x2 OTM @ 60%
                           *(Power Snatch+OHS or Power Snatch+Snatch balance)
                           Clean & Jerk 6x2 OTM @ 60%
                           *(Power Clean+Hang Clean (full squat)+Jerk
WOD:  "One-legged Bear Complex": 
       5 RFT:
        completing the complex 7 times=1 round
        you may rest between rounds
        Prescribed weight 135/95# (1 bar for all)
       1 Power Clean
       1 Reverse Lunge L
       1 Reverse Lunge R
       1 Push Press
       1 Good Morning

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