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06.03.2013 [monday]

I really like this quote. A lot of times I find myself stopping, even though I know I have even the tiniest bit more to give. I stop because it's hard, or I just need a break....or at least I "think" I need a break. I am going to challenge myself to rest or stop less. The only way to get  better is to push past your limits right? So I am  going to start there. 
mind over body
Max-Effort Lower:  10:00 to find a 1-3RM Front Squat
                   20:00 Front Squat:
                   work set: 5@65%, 5@75%, 5+@85%
                   back off set: 10@50-60%
      200m Run/Row
      10 V-ups
      10 Deficit Deadlfts @ 50%
Midline:  Reverse Hyper 3x10

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