06.10.2013 [monday]

We are back from Regionals! We had a great time, and learned a lot 🙂 We have a renewed passion for what we do and what we strive for! Next year we will have a big group of supporters for our athletes that will be invited to Regionals 🙂 Lots of hard work ahead!

3,2,1, GO!

Max-Effort Lift: 20:00 Front Squat
                 warm-up: 10@bar, 8-10@40%, 5-10@60%
                 work: 3@70%, 3+@90%
                 back-off set: 10@50-60%
                 (base all %'s off 1-3RM found on 6/3/2013)
WOD:  4 RFT:
      12 K2E
      10 Weighted AbMat sit ups
      :08 L-sit hold
      200m Run

Assistant Movement: (within 5:00 of finishing WOD)
                    Back Squat pause squats
                    2x max reps @ 60%
                    1310:  1sec to get down, 3sec hold, 1sec to get back up, with no rest. repeat. 
Midline:  Reverse Hypers 3x12

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