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06.11.2013 [tuesday]

Mobilize all you need after warm up, then we will get right into this! :) 

WOD:  2 Rounds for Reps:
      2:00 max Double Unders
      1:00 rest
      2:00 max Db Snatch L
      1:00 rest
      2:00 max wall ball
      1:00 rest
      2:00 max Db Snatch R
      1:00 rest 
2013-06-07 17.25.30
Are you all still in line and making progress with your goals? After this weekend spending time in Columbus and watching the amazing athletes competing in the CrossFit Games Central East Regional, I had my goals put back in perspective and I had a fire lit inside me. Hopefully you have some goals, specifically performance goals, NOT aesthetic goals. We want to focus on performance oriented goals because they are easily measurable, Which means we can test and see where you are at along the way in your progress. Also, by focusing on performance the aesthetics just become a by-product. Your training here at CrossFit Worthy is aimed at building strong, fast, and lean athletes. I'm 99% sure that everyone here wants to be stronger, faster, and leaner. That's why you are here. If you like to go and do "extra" work outside of the box, that is great, just make sure that training outside is in-line with your goals. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to read this article from a leading strength and conditioning Charles Poliquin. Click Here. This article covers interval training and it's superiority over long slow distance training for anaerobic and aerobic capacity, keeping/building lean muscle mass, and burning fat. Which basically means you will be able to do more stuff for longer and harder, run better, be stronger, get leaner and all around look good naked. And who doesn't want that? Read the article and if you want to add in some extra outside work, then use some of the interval protocols laid out in the article, or ask Coach Jeremy to help you build an outside program. Keep pushing hard and become awesome everyone!!

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