06.14.2013 [friday]

Dynamic Effort Day:

EXPLOSIVE:  Box Squat Jumps 8x2 (work up to your highest)
OLY:  Full Lift:
      Snatch 9x1 E.1/2M.O.M. @ 75% (1 rep every :30)
        *Power Snatch+hang Snatch (full squat)
      Clean & Jerk 9x1 E.3/4M.O.M. @ 75% (1 rep every :45)
        *Power Clean+hang Clean(receive in full squat)+Jerk
WOD:  3 RFT:
      25m walking lunge back rack 155/105#
      12 Russian Deadlitfs (RDL)
      25m walking lunges front rack 155/1005#
      12 Good Mornings (GM)
-immediately after WOD, complete a 400m run.

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from earlier this week :)

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