06.24.2013 [monday]

We had such an amazing event over the weekend! 3rd GLBRT {Great Lakes Bay Regional Throwdown} was at our gym, and was such a success! We had 27 teams, 4 people on each team, plus spectators! The place was PACKED! Pictures will soon be arriving and we will be sure to post for everyone to see 🙂946514_10152939160440072_434901478_n


for helping with the event:
Dale Smith
Mike McNichol
Sara Straus
Matt Sherrill
for donating prizes or money:
Color Works Hair Company
Michigan Spine & Pain
Mountain Town Station
Jesselyn Zytbowski Photography
Isabella Bank
Berch Tank & Trucks

Max-Effort Lift:  15:00 1-3RM Front Squat
WOD:  3 Rounds:
      50m shuttle Backwards sled drag
      10 Deficit Deadlifts @ 50%
      :30 rest
Midline:  Reverse Hyper 3x18

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