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07.01.2013 [monday]

We went to an Olympic Lifting Seminar over the weekend taught by Doug Chapman; it was amazing! We learned a lot of new “cues” that make the movements much simpler. So today, we are giving those new cues a try  by relearning the Clean 🙂

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A couple of accomplishments today: Stephanie did her first EVER front squat and was able to handle 40#! When she came in she was so stiff she couldn’t get her shoulders in that position, and she didn’t have the strength for 3# dumbbells! So proud of you Steph! Claudia did her first sled drag and LOVED it!!!! This was AFTER doing 45 push ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skills & Drills:  Clean movement skills
                  Clean transfer exercises
                  P1, P2, P3
Posterior Chain Development:  12:00 to work up to a 1RM Power Clean 
                              (starting at P2)
Assistant Movement:  Front Pause Squats
                     3x6 (x4x0) pause :04 in bottom, no rest at top. 
WOD:  AMRAP in 10:00
      300m Row
      30 AbMat Sit Ups (weighted if needed)

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