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07.30.2013 [tuesday]

The 2013 CrossFit Games have come and gone, and if you had the chance to watch them then you know just how exciting they were!  The athletes in the individual, team, and master divisions are all getting better and better each year and it's amazing to see the limits of human potential be broken with each games season.  If your anything like me that fact alone should get you pumped!  Knowing that I am no where near my personal limits is an awesome feeling.  I will never be a Rich Froning freak of nature, but in a just a year I have increased all my lifts by an average of 20#, Fran time dropped to sub 3:00, finished Kalsu in 15:00, and I run faster and better than I have my entire life.  I can't wait to see where I'm at in another year of work.  And based off of all the PR's you all made yesterday, your all on the same path.  Look back at where you where a year ago and compare it to today.  Get pumped over how much progress you have made and WILL make in this next year!
13072813351710_42641               Picture courtesy of games.crossfit.com

Team it up!

Team WOD: AMRAP in 12:00
             A1: Row 250m (Pace)
             A2: Wall Ball (Score)
             A3: HR Push ups (Score)

OLY: Snatch 9x1 E1/2M @ 80%

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