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07.31.2013 [wednesday]

Last day of July 2013. WOW. Although I am excited and ready for our students that left for the summer to return, I am nowhere near ready for the summer to be over! Are you? Have you accomplished everything that you wanted? (only the fun things count). For example, swimming, biking, going on vacation, camping, relaxing, all of the things that we WANT to do,  but can’t seem to MAKE time for. Exercise, working out, training, whatever you want to call it, is the same way. Most people don’t HAVE spare time to workout; they MAKE time to workout! Take Jamie Harmon for example: Jamie comes to the 6am class everyday, but she doesn’t have to be to work until 11! Why? Because she knows that if she allows herself to sleep in she will want to keep sleeping and will have less will power to get out of bed.  So whats my point?—YOU have to MAKE time for what’s important. If you make something a PRIORITY, like health, fitness, longevity, etc, then it becomes less of an option.

Skills & Drills:  20/20/20 (Push ups/Pass through's/Press)
                  10 banded Push Ups
Max-Effort Lift:  25:00 Bench
                  Work up to a 1 rep max
WOD:  21-15-9
      Push Press 165/115#
      C2B Pull Ups
      Double Unders (1:00 attempt)
Pulling Superset:  Bullet Proof Shoulders
                   Max effort banded pull aparts

Bench PR's at the 6am class:
Jamie Harmon 95#
Sydni Lockhart 55#
Mandy Cahoon 105#
Joe Bags 215#
Tracy Galarowicz 50#
Cynthia Damer 75#
and MANY more PR's to come later in the day!!!

BACK SQUAT PR's from Monday: 

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