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08.02.2013 [friday]

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Skills & Drills:
30/20/30 (all squats banded) Clean skills (with light bar) Oly: Clean & Jerk 9x1 every :45 seconds @ 80% Max-Effort Lift: Deadlift 25:00 work up to a 1 rep max WOD: E2M for 10:00: 5 Overhead Squats 95/65# 10 Box Jumps 12" (fast rebound) Weighted AbMat sit ups for the remainder of the 2:00 *score is the total of sit ups completed Shout out to Cynthia Damer & Mandy Cahoon who dead-lifted the weight of their husbands this morning :) ROWING CLINIC August 10th @12-2.

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