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11.05.2013 [tuesday]

Today marks the end of our Paleo Challengers! For those of you who stuck it out for the 30  days: GREAT JOB! We know the first time can be hard at times! But, now that you’ve done if for 30 days, you know how you CAN feel when you eat right, and you know the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’! Our hope, is that you continue to eat healthy; because instead if a money prize, your new prizes will be FEELING GREAT, being a POSITIVE and HEALTHY example to your children and those around you whom you don’t even realizing you are watching you, and a healthy inside 🙂

WARM-UP:  3 Rounds:
          3 Chin ups, 4/4 S.A.R, 5/5 External Rotation
          3 Rounds:
          3 PC, 3 FS
SKILL DEVELOPMENT:  8:00 Bar Kip --> K2E/T2B
LACTATE POWER: 1:00 x 18 rounds total:
               A1: 3-6 C&J 115/75# (40%) AFAP
                   Row for Calories
               A2: REST
CP-BATTERY:  18:00 E.M.O.M.
             4 PC @ 65% (odd)
             4 Kip HSPU (even)

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