11.08.2013 [friday]

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Journals are checked and points were totaled! GREAT job to all the challengers who made it through!! The male winner is….(drum roll please)….EVAN PRINCE!! He ate great and ended up losing 16 pounds!! The points for the ladies were all VERY close; but the female winner is……(drum roll please)…..JESSICA HARRISON!!! Everyone who completed the challenge lost body weight while lifting MORE weight than ever before!! Evan & Jess come on in and get your winnings !! CONGRATS!

LOWER BODY PULL:  Deadlift @ 31X1; 3-5reps x2; rest 2:00
UPPER BODY PUSH:  B1.) Bench Press @ 30X1; 3-5reps x4
                  B2.) Powell Raise @ 3111; 8-10reps x4; rest 2:00
LOWER BOdY AUX.:  Glute Ham Raise @ 31X4; rest as needed. Add weight if possible.

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