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12.17.2013 [tuesday]

We have adopted a family in need, for Christmas. This family has 7 children, ages ranging from 13-2, and are new to Michigan. We hope to have all donated gifts ready for the family on Thursday 12/19. Please help us welcome this family to Mount Pleasant and help them get some basic essentials to get them through the winter!

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WARM-UP:  Banded Front Pause Squats every 1:30. Pause :03 at bottom.
          10 @ 30%
           8 @ 40%
           6 @ 50%
           4 @ 60%
           2 @ 70%
STRENGTH:  7x1 E2M, Establish a new 1RM!
           1a.) Front Squat
           1b.) Chin Ups
WOD:  21-15-9
      Push Jerk 115/75#

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