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Happy Monday Everyone!! Start your week with a positive attitude and drive for strength in all areas in your life! Today we start a new On-Ramp program, a new 12pm class, and a class designated for Middle and High School students only at 3pm on MWF’s!! We are excited and eager to start these new classes! Email us for more information!

WARM-UP:  3 Rounds:
          30 Squats
          20 Pass Throughs
          10 Push Ups
STRENGTH:  E2M: 3@60%, 3@70%, 3@80%, 3+@90%
           Back Squat
           Dips / Push Ups
WOD:  11.6 (Open Workout)
      AMRAP in 7:00
      Thrusters 100/65#
      C2B (chest to bar pull ups)

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