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WARM-UP:  3 Rounds:
          3 Shave & Receive
          3 Front Squats
          3 Pull Unders
          3 HHCl (High Hang Clean)
          3 HCl (Hang Clean)
          3 SJ (Split Jerk)
STRENGTH:  10:00 to build up to a heavy:
           3 position Clean & Jerk
           [High hang, hang, low hang, and Jerk]
(partner)WOD:  7:00 AMRAP
               200m Row (pace)
               KB Swing (russian) (score)
               HSPU (handstand push up) (score)
            REST 7:00
               7:00 AMRAP
               15cal Row (pace)
               Deadlift 185/135# (score)
               Weighted AbMat Sit ups (score)

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