WARM-UP:  3 Rounds:
          3 Shave & Receive
          3 Front Squats
          3 Pull Unders
          3 1st Pull
          3 Power Cleans (PC)
          3 Jerks
STRENGTH: Hit a set every 1:30
          Back Squat:
          1x5 @ 70%
          1x5 @ 80%
          1x3 @ 90%
          1x1-2 @ 95%
          2x2 @ 92%
          1x10 @ 40%
WOD:  10:00 to hit a heavy PC+PC+PC+Jerk
      OTM for 10:00
      5 C&J (Clean & Jerks) AFAP (As Fast As Possible) 155/105#

Who wants to celebrate our 2nd Birthday? Better question, who WOULDN'T want to celebrate a wonderful 2 YEARS as a CFW FAMILY!?!?!? Mark your calendars because on March 15th (Saturday) at 2pm we will be having a CFW 2nd BIRTHDAY BOWLING BASH at Riverwood/989! Don't miss it! 

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