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Have signed up for the CMU Snapshot Scramble?? If not, ITS NOT TOO LATE!!! You have until Sunday at 5pm to register and turn in your teams payment!!! Not sure what I am talking about? Look it up!! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE SOUP KITCHEN and its a fun time for all!! Teams of 3 please! If your interested and want more information, comment on here and I will get you all set up 🙂

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WARM-UP: 5 Rounds:
         5 Good Mornings
         5 Deadlifts
         5 Back/Front Squats (alternate each round)
STRENGTH:  10:00 to find a heavy:
           5RM Deadlift from blocks (around knee height)
WOD:  AMRAP in 5:00
      A1: 20 Wall Ball (pace)
      A2: Weighted Sit-ups
      A3: Power Snatch 95/65#
---REST 7:00---
      AMRAP in 5:00
      A1: 10 Calorie Row (pace)
      A2: Double Unders
      A3: Hand release Push ups

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