Main – CrossFit


With a Tabata timer:

4 Rounds of Hollow Body on the :20 & Superman on the :10

Then 4 Rounds of Handstand Hold


20 DU

5/5 Single Arm Ring Rows

10 pushups

10 walking lunges

10 situps


Skill Work:

Level 1 – Bar Kip + Kip Pull Up/C2B

Level 2 – Butterfly Progressions


A): Weighted Pull-ups (60/70/80% x 8+; E:90)

B): Shoulder Press (60/65/70/75/80% x 3; E:90)



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


1) :30 Jump Rope/DU + 12 Push ups

2) :30 JR/DU + :25 Plank

Repeat x3

Rest 5:00

Think sustainable, continuous effort on the rope work. Aim to go the entire :30 unbroken. This is an aerobic effort. Breathing rate up, heart rate up a little, sweaty, NOT taxing. Nothing needs to be recorded, just do some work.

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