Main – CrossFit



3 Goblet Squats W/ Blue Band

3/3/3 Snatch Press W/ PVC

Then with an empty bar:

5 Snatch Deadlift [Pull]

5 Dude Pull

5 High Hang Snatch

5 Snatch


A) Take strictly 5:00 to warm up to 75% of your Snatch or as close to it as you can and still comfortably make lifts with the complex.

B) Take 6:00 after the Snatch complex to warm up to your Back Squat weight.

A): Snatch Deadlift + Dude Pull + High Hang Snatch + Snatch (5 x [1+1+1+1] @ 75%; E2M)

B): Back Squat (10×3; @ 75%; E:1:50)


C): Metcon (Time)

For Time:



Box Jumps


Metcon (Weight)


A) Reverse Hyper – 20

B) Romanian Deadlift – 10
No more than +90# on A, and use the same weight as last week on B.

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