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Main – CrossFit


Roll out and smash what you need to loosen up your legs/hips as needed.


Metcon (8 Rounds for time)

8 x 400m Row;

Decrease time each row, [i.e. get faster each round;

Rest as needed between rounds


1) Shoulder

A) Lat Foam Roll -> 2:00/side

B) Chest Smash -> 2:00/side

2) Bottom of Squat

Glute Smash -> 2:00/side

Calf Smash -> 2:00/side

3) Undo Sitting

Super Buddy Banded Hip Opener or Super Couch -> 2:00/side

*We will go through these together like any other exercise in class.

*The time requirement is a MINIMUM for soft tissue change. Sit and hold longer if you can/would like.

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