The CrossFit Open

To all the Worthy Athletes,

The Open. The majority of our community has no idea what it means when others or I talk about the Open. What the Open is is an entry competition consisting of a series of workouts over a five-week span that allows you to test yourself against literally the rest of the world. A new workout is released each week; that Saturday we program it in and run it together (whether you are signed up for the Open or not), and if you are signed up, then you get a judge to judge your movements and score you. You then submit your time or score online and see your results against the rest of the world! Exciting stuff! This is the entry point to the CrossFit Games. Those who come out on top in their region at the end of the Open are invited to Regionals, and the best from Regionals move on to the big show in Carson City, California.

So now that you know what the Open is, your probably wondering, why the hell would I sign up to do that? For one, this year they have a pre-scaled division, so that means you can still compete against the rest of the world and see where you are in comparison to your peers in the rest of the world, so no worries about trying to do movements or weights that are out of your league! Another reason is that you’ll be doing the workouts anyways, so why not put yourself in more of a competitive atmosphere and see where you stand one year to the next. It’s a great way to track your progress over a larger time scale. And probably the best reason was said best by Evan after the in-house competition for Leilani, “with the great atmosphere we had this weekend it would be great to have a large group of athletes getting together to push and support each other for 5 weeks.” That Saturday when everyone came together to cheer and give it their all, was the most remarkable thing I have seen in our facility in the last three years. The energy, the camaraderie; it was awesome. We would absolutely LOVE to keep up that atmosphere.

So hopefully you’ll give it a thought. If you think you are interested, then sign up here . And also, we need people to judge those that are signed up for the Open. If you would like to help out, but not really compete, then consider being a judge! You’ll have to pay $10 to take and pass this course, , but you will be helping everyone out a great deal! Plus you’ll learn a little about movement and movement standards. If you are signed up to compete in the Open, please take the judges course also! You will help everyone out by also being able to judge, and you will also learn the movement standards that you will have to adhere to during competition.

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