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3/3/3 Arm Circles [little plates, big plates, HUGE plates]

5/5 Half Kneeling Single Arm Press

With a Tabata timer:

Then 4 Rounds of Handstand Hold/Shoulder Touches/Free standing hold


A): Weighted Pull-ups (3×3 @ a 3-4rm Int.; 1×3+ @ BW or Lighter Int.; E2M)

First 3 sets, choose a weight or bands that would be a 3-4rm. (In other words, just a little heavier than last week. Last set, go to BW or a little more band, rep out as many strict reps as possible, when you can no longer do strict switch to Kipping without letting go of the bar. BIG SET!!!

B): Shoulder Press (65/75/85%x2+; E2M )


C): Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 20:00

odd – 5 C+J 135/95#

even – 5 T2B

Strength Accessory

Move SLOW, Think of keeping MAX Tension. The slower you can move, the better!! SQUEEZE!!


SUPINE Ring Rows – 12

Ring Supported Prone Reverse Crunch – 10

[Left Leg, Right Leg, Both Legs = 1 rep]

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