Main – CrossFit


Monster walk band series

10 Goblet Squats w/band

10 Heavy swings [Fire Glutes Hard!]

10 Push ups

10 Ring Rows



A): Front Squat (65/75/85%x2+; E2M )

B): Weighted Dips (3×3 @ a 3-4RM int.; 1×3+ @ BW or Lighter Int.; )

First 3 sets, choose a weight or bands that would be a 3-4rm [in other words, heavier than last week]. Last set, go to BW or a little more band, rep out as many strict reps as possible, when you can no longer do strict switch to Kipping without letting go of the bar. BIG SET!!!


C): Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Squats

Tabata Mountain Climbers

Tabata Ring Rows

Strength Accessory

Metcon (Weight)


A) Back Ext. – 10

B) Landmine Row – 12/12

C) Banded Face Pulls – 12

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