Main – CrossFit


*Monster walk band series

*5 Goblet Squats W/ Band

*Then with an empty bar:

3 Snatch Pull

3 Dude Pull

3 Power Snatch

3/3/3 Snatch Press

3 Snatch


A): Snatch (EMOM x 10:00; Sn; @ 80%+)

Base off of your Heaviest Snatch

B): Back Squat (70%x3, 80%x2, 90%x1+; E2M)

Last set go for max reps, leaving nothing in the tank.


For Time:

C): Metcon (Time)

For time:

21-15-9 UB sets of:

*Deadlift 225/155

*Thruster 95/65
You will use 1 bar. All sets must be done unbroken (UB). You will do 21 deadlifts UB, drop the bar, then do 15 UB, drop the bar, then 9 UB. You then change weight and do the same for the thrusters. Choose weights that force rest between sets, but that you can actually handle.

Skill Development

D): Metcon (Weight)

3 sets of:

15 Ring Rows

15 Good Mornings w/ 30% of BS or less


Tabata Flutter kicks
This should all take 10:00 or less.

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