3 Year Anniversary!

Today, March 12th, is CrossFit Worthy’s 3rd year Anniversary! So many things have been on my mind today, from “Wow- 3 years went by fast” and “it’s only been three years–we’re still in our toddler years?”- to a feeling of such accomplishment! Starting a business is very scary, so much unknown territory, so much learning, and so much of us has changed as we’ve grown, we wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Dale March 2012, 145#
Dale February 2015, 415#

I want to thank Dale Smith. Dale has been here since literally DAY 1! So, Happy Anniversary Dale! Sure, he’s taken a “vacation” once in a while, but nothing too long! ūüėČ

Harriett April 2012- Squatting

Next, we want to thank and congratulate Harriett White, ¬†this gym would not be here without the help and generosity of Harriett, but today I’d like to focus on her personal triumphs! ¬†She’s been consistently¬†coming 3 days a week every week, for 3 years! Harriett is an amazing example of never giving up! She started right after her 80th Birthday, and now look at her! She is now able to squat well-below parallel, do burpees better than I, pushes prowlers and yokes, and has strength as well as a motor to keep trucking! We are so proud of her and what she is capable of! Harriett Pushing a 185# Yoke!

Lastly, I want to make it known how much I admire, appreciate, and respect my husband, Jeremy, who made his dream into our reality. I admire his strength and perseverance every single day. He works 7 days a week, and never complains, he has a serious passion for what he does and truly loves it! I appreciate him for making our life better! Neither of us would be happy if we hadn’t made this huge change in our life, and we wouldn’t have the amazing people in our lives that we have now!! I respect him because he works so hard to exceed expectations, to give more than expected, and because he is constantly learning to better his craft. On our down time, I want to relax, Jeremy wants to relax by reading a programming book or article. He is so giving of himself in such a selfless manner.

This picture was taken 3 years ago, on the first day we opened our doors, when our life changed for the best:

Opening Day 3/12/2012
Opening Day 3/12/2012

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